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5" Top rail Equine fence

There are several types of Equine fence to choose from. The best product we offer to install is the 5" heavy coat P.V.C. top rail. This rail has 3 Hi-tensile wires bonded into its core for maximum flexibility, superior strength, and possibilities for electrification. It covers Class III galvanized non-climb woven wire fencing. This is air stapled to a machine driven 5" round pressure treated post. This has little maintenance and can last for over 40 years. This design can also be installed in a 4 rail design with no wire.

4 Board Equine Fence

This is our most popular fence that we install for Equine use. With a 54" finished height these non-pressure treated boards have a field life of 12-15 years while pressure treated boards can last 20-30 years. While requiring some maintenance to the boards throughout the life of the fence the pounded posts can last up to 40 years with little maintenance. Though costing a little more initially painting can prolong the life of any wooden board.

3 Board Equine Fence

For cost savings, some clients choose a 3 board design. Though we as installers find this fence to be a little problematic, in that at a 54" height there is a 12" space between each board versus a 7 1/2" space with the 4 board installation. This extra space allows the horse to stick its head through to the other side and when removing its head the horse can break, damage, or remove the boards. The 3 board fence has the same life span and restrictions as the 4 board fence which requires some maintenance over time.

4 Rail or 3 Rail Equine Fence

4 rail or 3 rail post is a very strong and rustic style of fence. These systems are concrete set and come with a Locust post, and either a Hardwood or pressure treated rail. With a non-pressure treated rail, they generally last 12-15 years compared to 25 years or more with the pressure treated wood.

There are several options for each fence from using P.V.C., Oak, Hemlock, Poplar, pressure, and non-pressure treated poles and rails. If you have any questions on these options check out our suppliers list on the home page or give us a call. We would be more than happy to quote you any style you need.

Farm & Deer Fencing

Deer Fence

Deer fence comes with either a 5" full round pressure treated post or a 5" round Cedar post. These can either be set in concrete or machine driven depending on the terrain. For the wire we use 8' high Class III galvanized woven wire air stapled fence. This fence comes in 4X4 or 6X6 spacing with or without graduated spacing at the bottom (for smaller predator control). The bracing comes in Diagonal or Hi-tensile bracing, your choice! Several other styles are available and ready to quote.

Sheep and Goat Fence

Our Sheep and Goat fence comes in 60" or 48", your choice! This fence is Class III galvanized American made wire, graduated from smaller at the bottom to larger spaces at the top. Also available in 4X4 Class III galvanized wire for hilly or sloping difficult terrains. All of it is attached to a 5" full round machine driven pressure treated post. Post spacing can be from 8'-12' on center mark.

Llama Fence

A finished height of 64" with 2X4X60" Class III galvanized wire, attached to 4 board Hemlock, Oak, pressure treated Poplar or 5/4X6" pressure treated decking board.

Hi-tensile Fence

Hi-tensile comes in 5, 6, 7, or 8 strand Class III galvanized 12.5 gauge electrified wire. This product comes in your choice of white, black, or brown. For more information go to to really see all the Hi-tensile and electrical options under the sun. There are also systems used for cattle, horses, and deer control.

Garden Fence

When choosing a garden fence there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First thing to consider is the terrain. Insure a good spot with as much southern exposure as possible if this is possible. Gardens are a lot of work, so maximize placement for the best effect, whether your garden is Perennial, Vegetable, or even Fruit trees. The second item to consider, maybe the most important, is the quality of soil. Go to your local Nursery or Lawn and Garden department and get a soil test kit (some places will test the soil for you, Call first). Once you determine the quality of your soil, either amend your soil with correct nutrients or bring in organic composted soil to help accent what you have. This method requires some back labor and the use of a Roto-Tiller. Another option is to build raised beds. This method allows for walk ways thru the planting areas, and also raised boxes for easier maintenance for us older folks.

The third item to consider is the height of the fence. Deer can jump 8'-10' in open areas. Unfortunately 8'-10' in your backyard is a little over bearing to the eye. Many clients build a 6' height fence. Most gardens are generally less than 80' long and 50' wide. If deer sense the 50' width, and see that fence, almost all the time they won't attempt to breach the garden area. After all, they have the rest of your landscape as a buffet! This choice must be made ... Read more
Garden Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
Rail Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
Pool Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
Pool Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY

Pool Fencing

Pool fence is first and foremost about safety. Each year children drown because of poorly designed or poorly installed fence. This is one area where you should never try to cut corners or slide around the laws because of design needs, or cost. It is not worth taking a chance at. The state of New York has a required minimum height of 48" on all pool fences. As well as a height requirement, you cannot have a fence with a top rail that allows more than 50lbs. of pressure to be applied in the center of a 2 post span that has any deviation below 48". These are safety precautions that should not be overlooked. Please contact us here at A & C Fence and we would be more than glad to send you a copy of the New York state pool regulations which goes much deeper into detail. Also contact your local Pool code enforcer for additional restrictions if there are any. Your local Pool code enforcer will be the one to issue the permit for the work, and will inspect the final job. Beyond the codes there are many styles that do meet the pool codes. The first fence size is at 48" but it is a very limited style of fence as for choices. The photos below or just a few except able types of 48" fence.

There is a mandatory gate hardware law that states that the top of the gate handle must extend up to a height of 54" from ... Read more

Iron/Aluminum Fence

Iron and Aluminum are available in many styles and heights. Iron generally has a 12-15 year warranty from the manufacturer and is very strong in its installed nature. Maintenance will be an issue down the the road for the Iron fence, but it is a much stronger product than the Aluminum fence is. We give a life time warranty on all of our Iron and Aluminum concrete set fencing. Aluminum looks identical to Iron and has a lifetime warranty from most manufacturers. Even though it looks identical, and is comparable in price and also has a lifetime craftsmanship warranty, the structural strength has some consideration to you the client. For example, if a baseball is thrown at an Iron fence it will probably do little to no damage. But on the other hand, that same baseball thrown at an Aluminum fence could possible leave damage that would need to be repaired. Most of our clients do go with the Aluminum because it has a lifetime craftsmanship, and lifetime product warranty, and is generally the lower priced of the two products. For more styles,... Read more
Iron Aluminum - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
Privacy Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
Privacy Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY

PVC Fence

P.V.C. has greatly increased in popularity in the last decade or so. A correctly purchased and installed P.V.C. will last for many, many years to come, needing only minor cleaning and no replacement if the P.V.C is of high quality material. (This is also dependent on no naturally occurring damage) chain stores have P.V.C fence which must be looked at closely. We replace jobs every year that have inferior chain store installed or bought fence. Any P.V.C that has brackets attaching fence to the face of the post will initially save you money, but will cost you more in the long run because of the failure of the P.V.C fence. The fence should have rails of fence sections run thru pre-punched holes in the post, where the rails actually meet in the center of the post. If quality, longevity, and a sound investment of your purchase is what you strive for, than look no further than A & C Fence is the company for you. We use new P.V.C, not recycled, punched posts, not brackets, thick plastic, not thin, and these are the things that you as the client are entitled and should receive with your fence when purchasing. Go to any chain store comment area and look at the comments to get a feel for how disappointed their customers are. We at A & C Fence give a Lifetime Craftsmanship and Product guarantee on all of our P.V.C fence. (Gates are given a 1 year Craftsmanship warranty due to children, wind, and high use situations. After one year if the gate fails let us know and we will be glad to come out and estimate the cost of repair or replacement for you). All of our suppliers have high quality P.V.C ... Read more

Privacy Wood Products

Privacy wood comes in many different styles and wood types to choose from. The construction method has a lot to do with the terrain around the area you are wanting to put the fence. Elevation changes and height add in factors to consider when you are making a decision on the design of fence to purchase. Privacy fence is just that, a fence that surrounds your house or property that gives you almost complete privacy. Some styles can be semi-private, allowing some of your residence to be seen, but for the most part privacy is pretty complete. Whether it is the road, neighbors, or security of your home or business we can do it. If security is the need, regardless of need, many considerations ... Read more
Privacy Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
When using Cedar posts that are concrete set, you can count on your post lasting between 12-15 years, and even up to 20 years if your lucky. Using pressure treated post can last you between 25-30 years on average. With ACQ pressure treating process a post that is concrete set could last up to 40 years in some cases. Privacy fence has a high volume of wind in some cases which require a well constructed and concrete set fence. Many different styles are available from our company as well as Longs Lumber. Please remember that on most steep elevations some fence will have to be stepped in order to work. In some towns and cities this makes a 6' height fence to tall from the down hill grade to the top of the fence.(If unclear about how this is determined please let us know and our staff will be glad to explain how it is determined.) One of the most common and least expensive privacy fences we offer is a 6' Spruce stockade that is nailed into a concrete set pressure treated post. Untreated this fence will last 8-12 years, Pressure treated up to 20 years and even more if you stain it. Staining a fence can double the lifespan of a fence in some cases. This is an option to consider when purchasing your fence.

Wooden Guard Rail

There are many types of wooden guard rail to choose from, from pressure treated to rustic Cedar similar to the ones you see in some of our State Parks. We have installed these products down the sides of driveways that have steep drop offs along them. We have also installed wooden guard rail around Shopping Centers as well as their Parking Lots, Please call for a quote if your interested in having these added to your property either Residential or Commercial.

Commercial & Residential Chainlink Fence

From 4' residential to 18' commercial we do it all. Some of the colors we offer for our chainlink line are Black, Brown, Galvanized, and Green and our post can be either machine driven or concrete set dependent on the terrain and the job at hand. Remember that every job is different and has different needs so one area of a job may be machine driven posts while another area would be concrete set posts. We have done both residential and commercial chainlink up and down the East coast but prefer the North East as our base of operations. With commercial we have installed complete Sports Complexes, done rail trails in New York, and our specialty is Tennis courts. When doing Tennis courts we can install 8'-10' high fence on back and sides, to running 4' along the sides, whatever your needs we can do it for you. (We can also install net poles and netting for you if it is needed).

Remember that here at A & C Fence we can install any size fence for you from 100' Residential all the way to 10,000' or more for Commercial/Industrial with absolutely no problems. (All Fence installation is dependent on the terrain. We installing fence it is important to remember that the location can effect the cost as well as the tools need for installation). We have been servicing Residential and Commercial for over 21 years and always offer a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty that is meet by very few ... Read more
Chain Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
Chain Fence - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY
Solar Electric Gate - A & C Custom fences and contractor work in Craryville, NY

Solar/Electric Gate Operator Units

When deciding to install a swing gate or sliding gate operator there are a few considerations that you should know think about first. Things to consider are the type of driveway that you have, and how much access there will be available for the gate. Do you need a verbal communication or visual system for contact to the residence. Is the unit going to be installed as an electric or solar powered system. For electrical units is electricity available or will it have to be ran out to the unit. Solar operators are an option when electricity is not available but there are some disadvantages to using a Solar Operator. If you decide to go with a Solar unit versus an electrical unit a clear line of sight to the South West is needed to ensure proper solar illumination for the panel(s). With solar, cloud cover and inclement weather can effect the ... Read more
Both solar and electric gate operators have some extra features that you should now about. Both styles of units come with keypads but remote opening systems are available with most systems as well. These remote systems allow you the client to open the gate from within the comfort of your vehicle without opening doors or windows. Systems with remotes come with 2-4 remotes standard with up to 99 remotes able to be programmed in. Some of the safety features available for these systems are Electric Eye Systems as well as a Safety Loop System. A Electric Eye System has a laser that crosses the path of entrance and when something trips this laser it prevents the gate from closing preventing any damage to vehicles or injury to people. The Safety Loop System is installed underground and is activated when a vehicle pulls up to the gate through a magnetic feild. This magnetic field is caused by the voltage in the wires and when a vehicle comes into this field the operator is activated. Whenever a vehicle is present the gate it can not close as long as the vehicle stays on the loop. This is done to prevent any damage to vehicles that may hesitate at the gate. The only concern about these systems that the manufacturer is addressing is that electric cars such as smart cars or smaller cars may not be able to always trigger the system. If this is a concern please let us know as there are ways to take care of this issue or me maybe able to help you decide on the best choice of system for your needs.
Some systems offer both of the mentioned systems but not all. Contact us to see what safety features a unit has. Passwords for each unit are also set by you the client for ease of remembrance as well as security safety. For any questions about operators or anything mentioned before call and talk to one of our staff.