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Buried Utilities

You as a customer have an obligation to identify all buried utilities, pool, sewage, and any other obstructions under the ground. We as contractors must call u.f.p.o. (a service to identify main electric, phone, gas, water, and any other lines that are tied into the municipal grid supplying services) to you the customer. When it comes to electric, u.f.p.o. will identify all overhead wires. If you have buried service from the pole to your private residence, you must physically mark the line for a fee from a private underground marking company. The electric company will not mark a line from pole to house that they themselves did not install. Also worth noting are the locations of septic tanks, leach fields, and dry wells. We in the past have found buried pets, farm animals, and a few unidentified objects. The solitude of buried pets is important - please mark the area, and imagine the kids looking out the window and seeing Fido pulled out of the ground with our auger. The repairs can be costly, but the psychological effect may be detrimental to you and your family. All kidding aside, our safety is on the line, don't assume you know where your buried electric is...know for sure. Our lives depend on it!!!


If an injury or damage occurs, some contractors choose to side step the laws of New York State when it comes to insurance and payroll taxes. This benefits only the contractors and makes, you, the client liable for a lawsuit. The employees also suffer from not being protected for compensation if they get hurt. Your homeowners policy will be their only avenue for injury payment if they get hurt. Generally cheap prices mean a couple of things - no workers compensation and liability insurance. Always ask for a workers compensation certificate and a liability certificate when signing a contract. It is just good business etiquette. We have some very good fence companies here in Columbia County to choose from. Ours is the best of course. There are also some questionable ones who hire new crews every year. Ask about our Craftsmanship Warranty - 5 years to lifetime. Shopping local is vital to our survival. Calling out of state companies to do work that excellent local companies do shows lack of respect for the local communities, and contributes to local small business not surviving.

Digging Conditions

Digging conditions vary from area to area. When estimating our staff tries to identify special digging conditions, clearing brush and elevation changes during the initial field estimate. You don't need any hidden costs coming at you at the end of the job. We have a four level rating for difficulty on each job.
Level One
Easy - Flat conditions, machine accessible, no clearing, no rock digging holes, auger approx. 30 holes per hour (15 posts pounded in farm areas per hr).

Level Two
Easy to Medium - Sloping conditions in elevation no more than 4" on every 100", minor clearing, some rock, size of baseball or smaller (20 holes per hour using auger (10 post pounded in farm areas)

Level Three
Medium to Medium Hard - Machine accessible major clearing, steeper terrain, harder digging requiring augering + concrete setting

Level Four
Hard - No machine accessibility, major clearing, possible very steep grade, jack hammering or rock drilling required Even though our field staff is trained to bring all these problems to the forefront, rock is usually buried and hard to see. An additional charge is incurred when rock is encountered requiring more time, special machinery, and trained, insured installers.